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Having the mindset of the Ryu being a family, we strive to all grow and develop each other, not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. With this in mind, the OKD-ITK offers events in addition to the normally scheduled weekly classes to develop each one of these traits. 

For current students, please sign in above to see the dates of up coming events.


Gasshuku's, or seminars, are a great way to get in some additional specialized training. The OKD-ITK holds four Gasshuku's a year with each one honoring one of the four seasons. Gasshuku's will typically last 4-6 hours. The OKD-ITK does not require additional fees for any of the Gasshuku's but instead encourages members to donate to charity.

Spring Cleaning


In addition to the normal cleaning after each class all the members of the OKD-ITK get together each spring to give the Dojo a thorough "top to bottom" cleaning. This is not only a good time to spend working along side your fellow students and instructors but it also gives the member a sense of ownership and responsibility. The Dojo is a place to come and develop your mind, body and spirit, and by cleaning it, we clean our own spirits and become good stewards of the place in which we better ourselves.

Community Outreach

Little League 


Below are a couple of the community outreaches that the OKD-ITK currently participate in. Though our members are not required to donate it is encouraged. In the past the warrior core gave back to society by protecting the societies they belonged to but in this day and age with modern military and police forces the warrior core is not as heavily relied upon to fulfill that function. We instead strive to honor that tradition by giving back to our community in the form of charitable outreach.


For the past 6 years the OKD-ITK has sponsored the Brandywine Little League.


The OKD-ITK currently participates in the Adopt-a-Highway program. We find it a great way to be good stewards of our community and also a good excuse to go out for a walk.



The OKD-ITK supports the following charities: 

  • TEF

  • EN Northern Group

  • St. Jude's

  • Make-a-Wish

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